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November 6th, 2017

Q&A about the 2018 Show

The Canadian Furniture Show will continue to evolve in 2018 to meet the needs of the Canadian furniture industry. After every Show, since 2015, hundreds of Show participants and non-participants have been consulted through surveys, and the results help us to adjust the event on a yearly basis. In all, more than 1600 survey respondents have guided us in our decisions, along with recommendations from the National Advisory Committee, comprised of 15 professionals from various regions of the country and different sectors of the industry.

Here are the main aspects pertaining to the 2018 Canadian Furniture Show:


  • What will be the emphasis of the 2018 edition?

Visitors continue to be the focal point for the Show team. Again this year, our surveys were revealing: visitors would like to see more and more of the latest trends and new products being showcased by top-notch exhibitors. We will concentrate our efforts in this direction.


Also, since visitors are looking for new exhibitors – and we were able to attract 78 new ones in 2017 – we are going to continue to seek out exhibitors that will enable us to diversify our offering to Show visitors.


  •  What is so distinctive about the Canadian Furniture Show?

The Canadian Furniture Show has a unique place in the North American market. In fact, about 75% of our visitors do not attend either High Point Market or the Las Vegas Market, and close to 80% of our exhibitors do not participate in these two events. Thus, the Canadian Furniture Show offers interesting business opportunities by attracting new exhibitors and new visitors.


  • Will the 2018 edition be the last one for the Canadian Furniture Show?

Absolutely not. The Canadian Furniture Show is a priority project for the QFMA’s board of directors and the industry as a whole (the QFMA owns and produces the Show). Plus, we are committed for the next several years, since we have announced the dates right up to 2022. But to ensure the longevity of the Show, the status quo is not an option. We continually have to rethink how we are going to do things; this is why the Show’s team sounds out the industry every year, implements new features, evaluates them and adjusts the event accordingly on an annual basis.


  • Are you planning to draw free hotel room packages again this year?

Yes, because visitors want the Show to be worthwhile. We will continue to have attractive discounts on hotel rooms and drawings for free hotel room packages, which visitors really appreciate.


  • Will it be possible to get more visibility or sponsor certain aspects of the Show?

Yes, a list of sponsorship and visibility opportunities is available for 2018, so that businesses that so wish will be able to maximize their visibility and the impact of their participation at the Show.


  • Will the Toronto Area Showrooms be part of the Show?

The Canadian Furniture Show is an inclusive event that strives to bring together the entire Canadian industry. Thus, emulating the High Point Market, where the displays in the main buildings and the surrounding exhibition halls are part of the event, the Canadian Furniture Show continues to count on the participation of the Toronto Area Showrooms. And, according to our surveys, 67% of the 2017 Show’s visitors went to these showrooms. We will thus be continuing this inclusion movement.


  • What are you doing to improve the quality of the appearance of some of the booths?

Over the last three years we have been expending a lot of efforts with exhibitors to improve the overall appearance of the booths, and we are noticing there is some progress in this regard. But for some exhibitors there is still some work to do, and that affects the overall appearance of the Show. We will continue to impose appearance standards, written into the exhibitors’ contract, conveyed to them and enforced. Moreover, as we have done for the last three years, we are also going to send exhibitors some suggestions to guide them in this matter.


  • How can we express our comments to the Show team?

You can contact the Show team at any time by writing to


Plus, while the Show is on, participants are invited to chat with the Show’s CEO, Pierre Richard, who constantly walks the floor. Participants can also speak with him during the “Chat with the CEO” sessions which are included on the Show’s schedule and are promoted in all of the communication outlets. This way, the Show team is able to continue to take the pulse of the industry.


All of the details about the 2018 Canadian Furniture Show, as well as the exhibitors that will be participating in this year’s event, will be announced in the coming months. Follow us on, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

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