May 25 - 27 | 2018
The International Centre | Toronto

Rates & Sponsorship



Corner and island booths are subject to a $0.50 / sq.ft. premium

Zone "A" booths (numbered between 1000 and 1299) are subject to a $1.00 / sq.ft premium.


Early bird rebate: send us your cashable deposit before January 27, 2017, and benefit from a $0.50 / sq.ft. rebate on the total cost of your booth space. 


Your booth rental fee includes: floor space, drapes to separate you from your neighbors (if ordered in advance), materials handling, storage of empty crates and cartons during Show days and free listings in Show Guide and on the Show’s website (strict deadlines do apply).



In 2017, exhibitors can benefit from an increased visibility at the Canadian Furniture Show by choosing amongst various sponsorship and branding opportunities. For all the details on the different options available, please click here.


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